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FAQs - Heating and Cooling Repairs & Installation

While we recommend twice a year for an inspection and preseason maintenance…if you are diligent with changing your air filters you can go longer.

Yes. While our normal business hours are 8:00-5:00 pm Monday-Friday, we offer emergency hours after hours and on weekends for those emergency AC repairs and more.

No. We service and repair all brands for your convenience. However, when it comes time for a new heating and cooling system, we proudly install Trane products because we know their longevity and durability more than pay for themselves.

Yes. While most of our work is residential, we do service commercial systems and offer maintenance services.

More! In fact, we recommend you replace your air filter every one to three months depending on the number of people and pets in your household. Keeping your air filter clean is the number one way to keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

While this can be many things, a few reasons can include a refrigerant leak, a thermostat problem, a faulty motor or another component, or even a dirty air filter.

When your system can’t breathe due to a dirty air filter, it can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and can cause it to freeze up. A dirty evaporator coil or refrigerant lines could also be the problem. Our preseason maintenance can prevent these issues from happening.

Most times this is caused by poor ductwork. From improper sizing to overly sharp turns or leaks can inhibit the necessary airflow to that room. Our HVAC contractors are happy to inspect your healing and cooling system and the ductwork to find the problem.

We are happy to provide a free no-obligation estimate. When choosing the right system, it’s important to determine the correct size and usage. You’ll be happy to know we offer competitive pricing and provide amazing warranties for Trane systems and Mitsubishi ductless systems. Plus we offer discounts and financing options. Give us a call at 520-221-3759 for your free consultation!

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